About Us

Heidelberg Medical Consultancy was founded in 2010. We provide telecardiology, teleradiology, dental teleradiology and nuclear teleradiology services across the globe.

Currently we serve 15+ hospitals and imaging practices in the USA, Jamaica, Canada, Italy, UK, South Africa, Tanzania, Somalia, Nigeria, Zambia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Australia.


More About HMC

We are a Telemedicine service provider that exclusively focuses on Telecardiology, Teleradiology, Dental Teleradiology and Tele Nuclear Radiology.

We provide online interpretation and reporting of all imaging and diagnostic modalities coming under cardiology, radiology, dental radiology and nuclear radiology. We have a dedicated team of cardiologists, radiologists, dental radiologists and nuclear medicine specialists from across the globe delivering telereporting services round the clock.

Business Years
Specialist Doctors
Regular Clients

Comprehensive range of services covering all the diagnostic and imaging modalities.

Quick turnaround time
Expert team of physicians
24/7 service and support
Affordable pricing
Robust technology
Quality control protocol

We started our operations in 2010. Company is registered as a private limited company incorporated in India under the Companies Act, 1956 (No. 1 of 1956).
Our Vision is "To emerge as a global health care provider and deliver quality health care solutions to people across the world."
Our Mission is "A company that is committed to facilitating health care for patients and medical facilities across the world using the power of Information Technology."


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