Scanadu Scout – the innovative technology to verify your health

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The company called Scanadu is currently creating two very fascinating healthcare products that hook up with your iPhone. One of these has been named the Scanadu Scout, while the other has been referred to as Scanaflo. Let’s discuss these one by one.

The Scanadu:

It is a small electronic tool premeditated by Yves Behar. Soon as you touch this tool to your brow for a few seconds, more or less instantly, a choice of physiological criteria are sent to an app on your iPhone, which records these dimensions to make the user aware of the inconsistency and variations which may be the reason for health disturbances.

These criteria include the following:

  1. Fluctuations in temperature of your body
  2. Heart rate(A roadway of your heart rate is maintained; given that the beats of your heart are not spaced evenly, hence a trail of the variability of your heart rate is quite useful)
  3. Oxygenation of blood(The pulse oximetry monitors the saturation of your Hemoglobin)
  4. Rate of respiration
  5. ECG(It reveals priceless information regarding the performance of heart with each beat)
  6. Systolic and diastolic blood pressures(these keep changing during the day)

The Scanaflo:

Scanaflo is a home urine analysis apparatus meant for urine testing; the latter gives a snap of the vital processes going on all the way through the body. Scanaflo calculates twelve unlike signals in your urine to help generate your health record. Scanaflo uses your phone’s camera to picture a series of color strips.

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