Verizon Enables IoT to Revolutionize Healthcare

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Verizon Enterprise Solutions ambitions in revolutionizing the healthcare industry by trying to enable the latest technological trend, Internet of Things (IoT), for the healthcare professional. It anticipates that predictive analytics, cloud services and connected devices could prove to be very beneficial for the healthcare industry as it relates to the patient-centric care models.

In the current healthcare scenario, patients go to the hospitals to meet with the doctors in case of any health issue. And the doctors diagnose the illnesses and prescribe remedies using dated or aging collection tools. But now remote data collection and analytics are becoming a reality. Also connected devices can be used to monitor a patient’s health and are capable of transmitting vital sign data from the patient’s residence to the hospital staff. By analyzing the massive data sets produced and collected from patients using wearables or connected devices, care providers can improve the foundational research models used to identify illnesses. A cloud based platform that allows interoperability with a variety of medical devices which also enables wireless transfer ,storage and display of the vast amount of clinical data generated would also help the healthcare in many ways.

IoT is getting more established with the wide adoption of connected devices in the healthcare industry. These three independently evolving technologies is sure to modernize the healthcare industry.

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