FDA Approved Fish Oil Drug to treat Heart Diseases

treat heart disease
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Recently FDA has approved expanded use of fish oil may prevent serious heart complications in high risk patients already taking cholesterol lowering pills.

FDA has announced its approval of a drug called Vascepa to treat certain patients suffering from very high triglyceride levels.This drug differs from commonly available fish oil supplements and prescription omega-3 pills in some important ways; based on studies involving it, the prescription may work alongside statins to protect heart patients.

In patient testing, it reduced risks of potentially deadly complications including heart attacks and strokes about 25 percent. High triglycerides can clog arteries and boost the chances of developing heart disease, suffering heart attacks or strokes, needing a bypass or artery-clearing procedure, or being hospitalized for chest pain  just like high cholesterol and elevated blood pressure can do.

The Deputy Director of the Division of Metabolism, Dr John Sharretts said that, “The FDA recognizes that there is a need for additional medical treatments for cardiovascular disease”.

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