Stanbridge University adds Telemedicine Robotic into its Curriculum

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Recently Stanbridge University announced the expansion of its edtech powers to include the telemedicine robotic device. Stanbridge University includes telepresence robots in their curriculum to help the future generation of healthcare workers. 

Robotic telepresence devices like Suitable Technologies’ creation – Beam, which allows doctors, specialists and nurses who remotely works in hospitals to diagnose patients and offer medical advice during emergencies. Nowadays hospitals are also using this type of technologies which is more better and more efficient. In future telemedicine can become the main methodology of healthcare. 

Stanbridge will be using this technologically advanced system in their courses like nursing degrees, occupational therapy degrees etc. Beam Virtual Communication device promote the reach of telehealth in all areas of occupational therapy practice for therapists.

The Founder and CEO of Bronson Medical stated that Beam is an essential tool that Bronson Medical Staff uses regularly to more accurately treat their patients. This technology allows Bronson Medical to increase the intervals between patients visit which raise patient’s quality of life and overall health. 

Most of the hospitals are using telepresence robots usually in rural areas where there is insufficient doctors. So many hospitals in US and abroad are using this telemedicine devices to connect specialists and doctors with patients.

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