How to Tackle Fatigue During Pregnancy?

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Pregnancy is believed to be the most beautiful stage in a woman’s life. However, this beautiful phase is accompanied by its baggage of fatigue, tiredness, and other woes. It is common to feel debilitated and tired during pregnancy. The body has to work to support not just the mother, but also the foetus in the womb. The mother’s body has to nurture another evolving life. The course of expectancy involves various hormonal changes besides the physical.

The hormone levels are boosted. The body is functioning overtime to cope up with various changes like demands of blood supply to the foetus, altered blood glucose level, and metabolic rate etc. Every nutritional element and water utilized is more than that of a non-expecting woman.

By the beginning of the second trimester, the body is almost adjusted to hormonal changes. This is one time to pamper yourself to the maximum as for the benefit of both you and the baby. Feeling drowsy and tired in between is common. Do not overwork to get debilitated, and seek help instead. Taking small naps twice a day is surely energy boosting.  Timely intake of food, taking care of its nutritive value is important. Replenish your body with fruits and vegetables. Cut on caffeine, and opt for green tea instead. Make sure you have lots of water. For exercise, a small walk is sufficient, but never over do. Breathing right is very important. Inhale slowly and deeply. This helps revitalize the body and infuse freshness.

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