Sedentariness and its Relation to Cancer

sedentariness and cancer
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If we take a closer look upon our daily routine and lifestyle, we can easily say that our lives have totally become static. We have limited most of our activities to our rooms. There were times when people use to go out in search of jobs to earn money but now money can easily be earned by just sitting in front of laptops and start investing in shares and stock markets. Previously, playing outside the home with friends or going on long walks with the close friends, were considered as the most lovable activities but now Facebook and Twitter has taken that place. In simple words, we have encaged ourselves in our homes and that’s badly affecting our health.

So, in what manner this sedentary lifestyle is affecting our health? How this attitude of ours is getting us closer to death? Well, research studies and detailed analysis has proved that sitting at one place for long period of time gives rise to different kinds of cancers in human beings. Chances of colon cancers, endometrial cancers and lung cancers have been on up rise among those who prefers sitting for most of the day. People who use to watch television for a longer period of time or sit at some place for more than three hours are actually at increase risk of getting such type of cancers.

One cannot enjoy his life if either he is suffering from some kind of cancer or if he doesn’t involve himself in some meaningful physical activity. The actual charm of life has always been in roaming around, seeing the world and enjoy the nature, rather than keep sticking to your sofa seat and totally paralyze your life.  

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