India: An attractive Medical Tourism destination – Some reasons

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India is becoming one of the most preferred medical tourism destinations for the medical travelers across the globe. Here I am trying to find out some of the best possible reasons for this trend.

  • Private health care costs are very affordable
  • Air travel expenses and luxury hotel fares are also significantly lower 
  • Subsidized medical education in India facilitates the availability of a  pool of experienced and talented medical professionals and scientists in the world
  • The volume of patients helps helps surgeons to gain invaluable  experience
  • India has one of the largest private hospital infrastructure in the world which are affiliated with global medical institutes like Harvard Medical and accredited by JCI, USA or ISO
  • English is widely spoken. being the medium of public conversation and the preferred language of communication in Hospitals and Medical centers 
  • A government that is favourable to medical tourism. The Indian government has a special VISA for medical tourists.
  • Experience in medical tourism is another factor. Medical tourists from South Asia and Middle East have been coming for medical treatment to India for many years now.
  • Medical decisions are by doctors and not by rules made by non-medicos. Doctors have more say in medical treatment in India.
  • Familiarity of Western Patients with Indian doctors.

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