Teleradiology comes to smart phones

teleradiology using smartphone
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Medical practice is one that has always been abundantly helped by technological innovations. Telemedicine which evolved with various developments in digital technologies, has in many ways eased the burden of health care for both patients and doctors. XR-EXpress, a Picture Archiving and Communications Software (PACS) Teleradiology System, introduced by New Mexico Software, Inc, is one of the innovations to join the arsenal of telemedicine applications.The XR-EXpress system enables doctors to examine X-rays, CT scans, Ultrasounds, EKGs etc that are generated as part of routine examinations on their smart phones. Currently available for Google Android smart phone, Samsung Galaxy Tablet, iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, the imaging application needs Android operating system higher than 2.2. The application itself can be downloaded for free on the Android Marketplace. The application not only streams the images, but it also tags them with patient information and stores them for retrieval later. However, these images cannot be used for diagnostic purpose as of now due to FDA regulations. At the same time radiologists can use them for case review and quick access to patient reports.

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